Dec 27, 2009

5:30pm Saturday night. 38F outside, pouring rain and I'm wallowing in mud. Literally. The Good For You truck was stuck in the mud out back of the store, left from melting snow and a days heavy rain. Business had sucked all day which is never good when you're dealing with perishable inventory. As I sit there spinning my wheels, again, literally, jumping in and out of the truck digging myself deeper into mud, a bad thought crosses my mind. Is this a metaphor for my business? I drag my wet, dirty self back into the store to make sure the closing is going to schedule, and am hit with a customer looking for the owner to tell me how much we suck and that we ruined her day. What's a man to do? I did what any mature person does. I went home and yelled at the spouse. Now THAT sucks.

To the person who left the nasty message, I'm sorry we ruined your day. I know we don't suck, sometimes it's just a bad day and we mess up.


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