Dec 22, 2009

I'm in the Good For You Test Kitchen, we're all systems go, testing recipes for Madeleines and how they fare in silicone pans versus metal. A word stops us. Just one word: Caster. What the heck is, "Caster Sugar?"

I have a dim memory of clutching a shopping list for my Mother at the corner shop as a kid:

1lb Potatoes.
1lb Carrots.
Hairspray (a daily occurrence in the CFC un-enlightened '70s.).
1lb Caster Sugar.

There it is. I never forget anything I write down.

So, must be a British 'English' word.

I hit google. Turns out Caster Sugar (also known as Castor Sugar) is what we Americans call, "Superfine Sugar." Call me unpatriotic, I prefer Caster Sugar. Who gets to define, "Superfine?"

There are three grades of used for cooking. Granulated sugar, which is the coarsest; superfine or caster sugar which is finer; and icing (powdered or confectioner's) sugar which is the finest. So Caster Sugar, used in baking (for example meringue and cakes), is a fine grained sugar which dissolves quickly.

It was an eventful day in our test kitchen. Later in the day it was Bakus Interruptus again. This time we called it a day. Our frozen pipes had burst.

So what did we learn from this?

  1. Wireless internet hookup is an essential tool in the kitchen!
  2. Plumbers are a Test Chef's best friend!
We Know Yum, we no know the Queen's English or plumbing...


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