Dec 27, 2009

Wow, I AM read after all. You like me, you really like me!

I got questions. I got questions!

  1. What coffee were you drinking? This particular brew was Jim's Organic Coffee's Happy House Blend. It's a medium-light roast, perfect for a mid-morning break. According to Jim, "Light and well balanced with a clean taste... In a word: Chipper." I agree usually by 11am, I am feeling chipper. At 8am I have to drink Jim's Italian Roast. Intense and very dark! You can purchase Jim's Organic Coffee beans loose by the lb at Good For You Food Market, Lewes, DE. We will grind it for you free of charge.
  2. What china were you using? This is my, "Everyday" china. We bought it on e-bay while in the UK years ago. We have a full dinner service set - 6 places. It is the real deal china from British Airways first class cabin. It's as tough as nails haven been designed for air travel. Funny story. I was sitting on my Mam & Dad's living room floor in Wales. Mam and I were enjoying a cup of tea while wrapping up the British Airways china ready for me to take as carry on (yes on British Airways, but not first class, coach, honey, coach, oh the sad, sweet irony) on our flight back to the States. Anyway an hour later and many yards of bubble wrap and recycled xmas wrapping paper carefully placed into 2 boxes, the BA china was sealed and ready for transport. Mam asks me if I'd like another cup of tea. Suddenly she rolls on the floor laughing, tears streaming down her face. I get it right away and join her on the floor. Dad and Tom look scornfully over since they couldn't hear Corrie on TV. We could not find the cups and saucers Mam had served us tea in. Where could they have gone? We weren't about to unwrap an hour of work to find out!
  3. What book are you reading? It is Robert L. Wolke's "What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained." It's an entertaining, funny explanation about the scientific changes food goes through in the kitchen, why a sauce browns and all such fun. He's got a second volume out too. I shall review it when I'm done since my desciption does not do it justice. 


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