Sep 19, 2011

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We have an "Ask The Cheesemonger" section in our E-news. It's a very popular guest section, appearing when I have questions trending amongst customers. Wine has long enjoyed its day in the sun as a pairing with fine cheese. However, I'm noticing that beer is emerging strongly and the number of beer pairing questions are getting some long overdue attention.

Due to this nascent interest in beer and cheese pairings, I decided to quit my wine-ing for a little, and begin a new series exploring beer and cheese pairings. Since I wrote this, I started with my favorite beer type: IPA, or Indian Pale Ales.

Here's a link to this first in our Beer and Cheese Pairing series, written in response to our, "Ask The Cheesemonger" section in The Grapevine.

Got a question for the Cheesemonger? Contact us by e-mailing , subject "Ask The Cheesemonger?" 


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