Jan 2, 2010

I changed the blog name yet again. Why? I think words matter, they matter a great deal. Language is a great gift and an enormous tool, best used for good and to develop others. After 16 years in the USA, I still get in trouble over verbal and cultural misunderstandings and I hail from a country with (allegedly) the same language.

So, "The Moodie Foodie" - while close, just didn't cut it. For now, the closest I can find is, "Curious and Cooking." Why not Moodie Foodie? Too limiting and just didn't sit right with me - like wearing someone else's shoes. They may look good and be your size, so come close, but they don't feel right and make you walk funny. Life shouldn't be about staying in your comfort zone, but why walk funny, if you don't naturally walk that way?

"Curious and Cooking," sums up where I am and doesn't limit. No need to impress. As my, "About Me" says, I like curious people. They're interesting to be around, they motivate and are full of life. To not be curious is not to live and food is about life! If you're familiar with any of my writing in my "Organic Living" column for the excellent e-zine, Coastal Sussex Weekly, I think it's fair to say I think somewhat laterally. Part of that is cultural - Brits do tend toward the oblique over the direct reference. Part of me just cannot switch off the longstanding Systems Analyst/Designer/Project Management corporate IT training. Some would say being infinitely curious is what makes one good at that. Part of it is that I'm infinitely curious and when my curiousity is spiked, I'm driven to want to know as much as I can about a subject and be as good at it as I can. This lands me in some very diverse destinations. I like to think I learn from each spot I land in. The skills transfer even though the landscape changes. Besides, Foodie just sounds a little prissy to me and I already have more than my fair share of sparkle! No offence to, "Foodies." I just don't want to have to keep defining something I don't really understand myself.

Here's part of my curious family. Mam taught Tom how to make Yorkshire Puddings.

This navel gazing (I mean my belly-button not a variety of orange, did I spell that right?) has me tired and Faithful Spouse is getting ticked off because I've not come up yet.



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