Mar 16, 2009

There's lots of things I don't understand, even at the lovely age of 44. Why, for instance, was Cher trying to turn back time on an aircraft carrier? Why on a week when I watch what I eat and get on that awful treadmill thing, do I gain 2 pounds and last week when I wallow in my, 'busy-ness,' I loose 3 pounds? Why does the dog always hit the rug when there is much more hardwood floor available to pee/poop/throw-up on? Why does spa music make me tense ? I said SPA, not SKA! I have to clarify because it seems my funny accent comes through in the blog too. While I reach for the Biokleen Bac-Out Foaming Cleanser, any thoughts?

So, today, I'm contemplative. It's another 'day off' - continuing our renovations at the store while we're closed. Painting, treadmilling, data entry on the G4U website. What do these have in common? Well they would not be a few of my favorite things. Yes, they are all activities that quiet the pace of my week and force me to focus. Focus is something I do while doing something else. At least that's the way it feels running a business. But this is not the full answer...

While I'm painting, all sorts are going through my unfocused mind as my eyes focus just 3 inches from the wall. "Organic Garden" and "Caramelized Onion" colors start to look an awful lot like green and brown at that zoom-in. Who dreams these 'colors' up anway? I've gone from Cher to Dorothy Spornak, to Edith Bunker, to Miss Slocombe, to community organic gardens, to farmer's markets, to G4U Market (so not just a 'health food store') and ended up with the solution to what was bothering me in the outset, "If you're not welcome at the club, quit complaining, form your own club, and welcome everyone!"

So I make the most of what quiet time I can creatively find. I get my best and brightest ideas while painting, treadmilling, data entry. Hmm, even gardening and I like gardening. So, with my Systems Analyst training not going to waste, I look for patterns. What do these things have in common? They're my 'meditation' if you will. What's yours?

If anyone out there, other than my LSS (Long Suffering Spouse) can follow this stream of consciousness, connect the dots. Find the idea/issue that was picking at me when I first got up the ladder this morning. Then e-mail me your answer: The first correct answer (or the idea I like best), gets you a free half hour massage with our new G4U Tenant: Robb Leech of Fusion Massage:

Clue for Miss Marple: end at the start and don't Miss Understand.

Until next time, support your local businesses, support your local farmers markets, pay attention to creative new talent and mentor those individuals. They may turn out to be our club leaders tomorrow. Wise is the person who recognizes and encourages talent in others. Why paint outside the box when you can just remove the box to begin with? A little pain now is major gain later!

Whoop-de-doo, Andy!


I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one whose brain jumps about like that. I was going to enter your contest (and just emailed your new tenant with some questions about his services) but my own brain is so fried that the only thing I could focus on was whether Miss Understood would work as a drag name, and something tells me that wasn't remotely related.

Mostly I just wanted to let you know that I'm reading your blog as I can. And while you're on the subject of paint colors, I just wish someone somewhere would use the every so slightly pinkish taupe at Home Depot that is named "Dust Bunny." The name would suit my house perfectly, though the color just didn't suit our dining room as I'd hoped.

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