Mar 6, 2011

It's been a long week and I've spent most of it in the doghouse, while the dogs have been in my bed. Running your own business will sometime land you where I've been this week, and guess what, sometimes it's not the businesses' fault. Shocker! This entry is for my honey, who proves every day that my Mother-in-law is not the only perfect person on this earth. I Love You Man!

It's raining in downtown Rehoboth and the store is quiet. Soft, fine rain - the kind I'd like if I didn't own a retail storefront focusing on perishable inventory! This kind of rain can settle in for days at a time in Wales, my home land. The temperature is quite balmy for early March, so this is good dog walking weather, or, as in my case since I have a store to run (read babysit - cue unhappy smiley face), I'll reach for the blog, and not the dog(s). Oh yeah, they're all in my bed!

OK - here's a hint for those whom have not had the pleasure to know me well, yet... I love play on words, I love non-sequitir humor, I love irony. So, usually when I have a point to make, even though I've lived in the USA decades at this point, I'll turn to that British conversational staple: obliqueness, to posit a well-made point. Read around the point - not through it and you'll get me, and get more out of my blog. Or not.

I also love to write. It's one reason I love to do my own marketing. I very often will be doing something unrelated, such as cleaning the walk-in cooler at the store, and an idea for a column hits me, and I have to stop and get it down before I lose it. I sometimes submit these for publication, so you may have read me somewhere other than here, at some point.
Le Wavreumont - French washed rind
Monastery style cheese. Earthy, sweet,
buttery. Not that stinky. Yum!
Anyways, what's my point, this point, the point I'm trying to make? While lunching on some Le Wavreumont cheese and raw almonds, the thought occured to me that I've never quite been able to succinctly answer a question I'm frequently asked, "Why, Cheese Man do you sell things other than cheeses, when you call your business a cheese company? It's rather silly, don't you think?" Italics are my addition - look to the end for a clue to this pop culture reference ***

Today it came to me - clarity on a cloudy, drizzly day. Here's my, 'elevator pitch.' Organic produce, spices, seasonings, specialty foods. What do all these have in common with REAL cheese? Simple - no farms, no food. We Know Farms. We Know Food. We Know Yum. Full circle. It's the circle of Yum, Greg!

*** Pop culture reference. The wonderful Joan Collins plays an unforgettable character ("Sign the will, Cecil!" Oops, wrong unforgettable character!), Helena Barnes on the NBC sitcom, Will and Grace. Helena tells Grace, "You are an odd girl, aren't you?" Grace asks why British people insult you and then ask you to agree with them, Helena replies, "I don't know. It's rather silly, don't you think?"  


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