Aug 8, 2010

It's no secret we live in a small (beach) town, but here's a guilty secret you may not know! We love to eat at the bar in our favorite restaurants! Not only do you experience great service and camaradrie with the bartender (a key staff member in any restaurant in my humble opinion), you meet the most interesting people at the bar. Sociable, fun, creative people, full of zest. Or, as my Jersey relatives say, "Piss and vinegar!"

As a small town, 'townie,' I love to sit at the bar because, well, you get great scuttlebut! As delicious as the food! Sometime, during the winter months, when we're all running a little slower, start a rumor about yourself, and see how long it takes to come back at cha! Social networking indeed!

Here's the key skill any great bartender, small town Doctor, or small town Banker understands, "The better part of valour is discretion." Great bartenders never kiss and tell, great Doctors don't bring up that wierd tattoo on your butt cheek over dinner with friends, your Banker will never discuss the size of your business deposits at the firehouse spaghetti dinner! For this, I raise my glass to you all!

Not convinced? Pull up a stool, order up, and socialize! For a brief hour or two, curiously, PDAs are silent! Join in the conversation, you make great new friends at the bar. Above all else, take a leaf out of Bartending 101 - be a good listener, you learn so much about your town...

For the record, I'll never tell who asked me what wine to pair with Velveeta at my artisan cheese bar! Townies, did you hear any scuttlebut?


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