May 18, 2010

What's up? After I moved to the States, it took me years to learn how to answer that friendly question. Colleagues would glare at me as I stood stammering, blushing, or simply walked away in defeat. "Fine thank you" became my muttered reply. I figured I was being asked, "How are you?" Or, "How are things today?" Turns out, like many sayings, it can mean whatever you want it to mean. I settle for, "What's been going on since we last spoke?" The British just say, succintly, "How are you?" Or, as my grandmother said, "'ubby?" Short for "How be (you doing today)?"

So, what's up? Can't say I've been doing much cooking of late, but I've sure been curious! The busyness of being in business has kept me busy, busier than my perennially busy Mother-in-law! Busier than the sweatshop apiary that keeps me in local honey! That's a JOKE Rick - I know Buzzter and the crew get meal breaks.

I'm busy planning our move to our, new 'undisclosed location.' I'm busy working with the fine guys at getting our web site redesigned and relaunched. I'm busy being our Produce Manager, Store Manager, HR, IT, and Marketing departments, and well, busy 'Knowing Yum!' I'm having fun right now learning all about grape varietals with the objective of understanding food pairings better and reducing the crap shoot that buying wine often is. I'm finding out all sorts of (often confusing) information. Did you know the French were the first to sequence the genome of a fruit? It was the Pinot Noir grape, sequenced in August, 2007. C'est vrai! Je l'ai lu sur l'Internet! It's true. I read it on the Internet!

Earth shattering news. I cleaned out the home fridge this week. I cant stop looking at it. I'm marvelling at how the inside of a fridge can go from looking like it got rolled downhill to a model home in one afternoon. It made me think. E-mail me photos of the inside of your fridge For any that, a) Make me laugh or b) Impress me AND in either case get chosen for publication in Good For You Market's E-News, "The Grapevine," I will reward you with a $5 Green Buck coin good for redemption in store at Good For You Market.

Oh, to cue, the store calls, busy is a good thing. Good For You!


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