Jul 30, 2009

Not being one to spoil anyone's fun here. But, Farmville/Farmtown on Facebook? I just do not get it. Real life farmers are working themselves to the bone to grow food for us, and we play farm online?
For those whom are able, please re-direct your energy, volunteer at your local CSA or small farm. They are working much harder than you realize, and much closer to giving up than they would care to admit. I know. I own a small, chemical-free farm. I am not allowed to use the word organic - someone turned me into the USDA, even though my web site says clearly, "G4U Farm is not certified organic. We follow the rules of the National Organic Program and use certified organic seed." I am close to giving up every single time I am at the farm. This season we were forced to abandon our season due to vandalism and arson. Give me a break!
My point is, support small, chemical free ("Organic" - shhhh!) farms - wherever you buy produce - farmers market, store, or roadside stand. Support local businesses who buy from small farms - don't forget restaurants! When you see that smiling face at the store, or farmers market, or restaurant, don't forget that smile is probably hiding exhaustion, so ask how you can help. Encourage that grower to come back and do it all again next season. I'm not supposed to say this, but did you realize how much produce comes back again in the truck from farmers markets? Think about that poor grower how he/she has passionately worked - just to see it return unsold.
YES I'M CRANKY - it's hot, it's raining and I'm picking blackberries in it! Please buy them - we're selling at G4U Market and not farmers market this year due to season interruptus.
Thank you for listening. Thank you for supporting small farms and local business. Comments? Anyone? Crickets ...


Please don't give up! We visited your store (and came away with so much good stuff) in May, and loved it. Your operation is one of the important reasons we intend to move to the area. If we were there now, we'd be asking how we can help. Thanks for your hard work and perseverance.

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