Feb 13, 2009

Hello world! As a former geek, do you know how many programming languages I could write that in? I digress. I am Andy (Andrew) Meddick and I will be your blogger this evening. I own Good For You Natural Food Market and Farm (AKA G4U Food Market, or G4U), in Lewes, close to Rehoboth, Dewey, Fenwick, and Bethany beaches. My store (and market garden farm) is located on Route 9 West, close to 5 Points in Lewes. We deliver to the entire beach area. Check us out online http://www.good4uorganic.com/

This is the blog for G4U: recipes, guest bloggers, food, health, nutrition, organic gardening hints and tips. My focus is great food and products, leaving as little negative impact on our shared environment as possible. We are not about politics. Eating well doesn't have to be boring, crunchy, bland, nor expensive. Don't believe the hype about organic and natural. Come see for yourself. For example, my store's organic produce pricing is lower than the CONVENTIONAL produce pricing at the big box retailers. I want you to eat it!

I started this business because, having moved to the shore from the Baltimore/DC metro area, I had a hard time finding good food and great ingredients at the beach; choices we were used to in the city. Decent bread, cheeses, meats, produce that has flavor, sales help in stores whom are knowledgeable and can help me figure out what to do with the ingredients at the store, or that funny looking vegetable (Sunchokes anyone?). I wanted a two-way relationship with the food store, being able to request products, and learn from the staff there. I didn't want to have to run all over the place hunting down ingredients.

I got 'that look' from others when I said I had left corporate life to start my own business. I loved my job, so that's not why I left. I couldn't bring my job to the beach with me. Simple. Moving to the beach forced out a nascent 'entrepreneurial spirit. ' I’m fortunate to be able to combine all my interests and experience into a business solution that contributes to the community I live in. We all eat, right? I don’t understand how anyone can tolerate a job they hate. I don't get that apathetic shrug when asking for help in any business. I do not understand elitism or apathy. Lack of attention to detail, or lack of observation and consideration of others bothers me.

I work really hard at my business. I'm blessed I have a great, smart, spouse, and a good team. Also, I LOVE what I do. I love food, I love to garden. I love people. I love to educate and to sell (who knew?). I'm a voracious reader and technophobe. It drives me nuts if there's a variety of food, or something I don't 'get' (yet!). I’m also weird - I love to grocery shop! I’ve learned that sales people are not evil. I respect honesty, sincerity and focus on the other. I’ve learned a lot about reciprocity – in business and personal life. Of course I’ve made a lot of mistakes the first 2 years of running my business, sometimes forming strategic relationships that have not been the wisest. I've rubbed some people the wrong way, I've inadvertendly let some down. All I can do is apologize since I know myself the dissapointment when others let me down, or make choices I do not agree with. If I knew what I know now then…

I don’t think we’re in the retail business at G4U. We’re in the Hospitality and Service business. Good food speaks for itself. Getting the community to be involved in their food choices, and communicate the awareness of great ingredients (and your business - LOL!), that's the challenge. Changing perceptions is not easy. Being a small business, I can react very quickly to community input. For example, all the buying decisions for my business are made in the store, by my management team, not in a remote office.

Life is good, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy, for anyone. It's not easy to run a business, especially in this economy! It's not easy standing in front of a group of people, trying to connect and share information. When I have to push myself to connect, then I focus on the reason why I’m doing it, not how. I try to take ‘me’ out of it. Negative comparisons do not help anyone. You learn and get better! I try to focus on sharing information and listening, in the hope there is a connection. When I focus on, "Why can't I just get a break?" I forget to acknowledge the breaks I have gotten. I'm learning how to relax, build relationships with others, prioritize (LOL - any of my former Bosses reading this?), and know when to partner with good, skilled people who share a common goal - people who can help me with my mission, and for whom I can also, hopefully, help out too. Life sure is a lot of fun, but it sure as heck ain't easy!

Until next time, hug your sweetie and tell them how much they mean to you. Call your Mother on Valentines Day too.

Whoop-de-doo! Andy.


I am excited to see this blog in our area!

Good luck with the blogging, I hope it will be as successful as your store. This continued commitment to helping others each healthy and enjoy a green lifestyle is wonderful!

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